Services & Bridal


Base Color                                                                            65+
Glossing                                                                                30+
“Money Piece”  hairline highlight only                              65+
Partial Highlight                                                                   100+
                                        Full Highlight                                                                         140+
*highlight services includes glossing and bonding treatments
*Corrective Color requires a one on one consultation


Women’s wash, cut & style                                         45-55+
Gentlemen’s cut                                                            25+
Children’s cut (under 12)                                             30+
BlowOut                                                                          30+
Special event styling                                                     95+
Special event makeup                                                   95+


Custom Shaping Wax                 15


Keratin treatments             125 -250

Hair Extensions

Tape In’s

Tape in extensions are thin, lightweight tape wefts that get “sandwiched” together in between your own hair. They require no tools or chemicals to get applied, can last 8-12 weeks. Proper care and move ups are required every 8 weeks and are reusable up to three applications. It’s the gentlest kind of extension and works on all hair types.


Keralinks are individual pieces that are applied using a tool that generates heat and melts the adhesive into your own hair strand. They are not reusable and new packs of extensions are needed every 3-6 months. This method of installation allows you to wear your hair any way you want without the adhesive showing


Hand-tied wefts are wefts of hair that are sewn in by hand. This service is typically better for finer hair since it lays flat against the head and is individualized to each persons needs. The wefts themselves do not weight down the root of the hair so it’s better for fullness for finer hair. Weft extensions need to be moved up every 8 weeks. Every other move up is a “mini move up” and then there is an actual move up where the whole weft with the beads and string are taken out and reapplied. The hair itself typically last 8-12 months with proper care.

*consultation required for all options and pricing



Hair for bride                                                             100
              Bride Glam Waves                                      120
Makeup for bride *lashes included                         100
Hair for bridal member​                                              95
Makeup for bridal member *lashes included         95


Hair for bride                                                       140
                Bride Glam Waves                              160
Makeup for bride * lashes included                 140
Hair for bridal member​                                        110
Makeup for bridal members *lashes included    110
*$25 Clip In hair extension install (for bride and BM)
*flat travel fee of $50 will apply after one hour from our location
*gratuity of 20% will be added to contract of parties of 6 or more


                                           Hair for bride                                        100
                                           Makeup for bride *lashes included    100
*Trials are held Tuesday-Friday at our studio

                                                ENGAGEMENT SHOOTS

**all engagement hair and makeup shoots are done at our location


Spray tanning is the safest way to get the tan you desire in a short period of time. With our spray tanning system, our solutions will give you an accurate and beautiful glow with hydrating and long lasting ingredients. All of our tans are an express formula that can be rinsed off within 1-3 hours depending on desired shade and depth.

Consultations are recommended to analyze the skin and discuss the client’s goal. This will also provide the client with information for preparation and aftercare.


Toffee is our lightest shade that gives a natural beach tan. This shade is recommended for those with fair to light skin and develops best within 1-2 hours.


Caramel is our medium shade that gives a deeper beach tan. This shade is recommended for those with warmer skin and develops best within 2-3 hours.


Mocha is our deepest shade that gives a dark and bronze. Our mocha formula is infused with moroccan organ oil to provide conditioning benefits to the skin for longevity and rich results. Through the benefits of moroccan organ oil, this solution is fantastic for those with tattoos as well! This shade is recommended for those with warm-medium and deeper skin tones and develops best within 3 hours.

Bridal Glow

The bridal glow is our special formula and shade for those celebrating their special day. This shade delivers a sun kissed, natural glow that suits light and medium-warm skin tones best. Infused with hyaluronic acid, and vitamins A, B3, C and E to deliver a hydrated and glowing tan that provides longevity and moisture to the skin. Mocha is also recommended for those with deeper skin tones upon request.


Prop Glow offers on location and in salon tans. 

In Salon: $50 per person, Mocha $5 upgrade, Bridal glow $60

On Location: $70 per person, Mocha $5 upgrade, Bridal glow $80